Prot-HiSPRA organized dissemination activities towards the scientific community and mainly industry in the relevant fields. Ten scientific publications have been published, several more are still in progress. During more than 20 oral talks at congresses, conferences and workshops more than 10.000 people have been reached and informed about Prot-HiSPRA project and results.

The Consortium, in addition, set up a project website and five platform and databases that are operated as open source for the relevant experts in bioinformatics, chemistry, and medical issues.

Exploitation and protection of results were one of the key issues within Prot-HiSPRA. Taking into account that two companies are represented within the Consortium, it was a goal to achieve project results that can be taken up by the industry and into a product development process.
Several exploitable results have been defined and discussed and two inventions have been prepared for patent protection.

Prot-HiSPRA organized several workshops to inform the industry and experts and closed the project with a final Prot-HiSPRA symposium in Vienna, Austria.